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Proposed Legislation Affecting Educators

HB 3111 – (Hickman)This bill omits circumstances for state employees to have payroll deductions including membership dues for the Oklahoma Public Employees Association and contributions to foundations organized by the Oklahoma Employees Association.

HB 2592 – (Holland) – This bill requires NBCT payments and eliminates “if funds are available” contingency. It extends the stipend moratorium for teachers who received their certification after June 30, 2010 to 2014.
HB 2186 – (Brown) – This bill awards all NBCTs an annual bonus, and ensures that the Education Leadership Oklahoma scholarship program will be funded.
HB 2279 (Inman) – This bill earmarks the $5000 NBCT stipend and the state superintendent or legislature could not decide to defund it.
HB 3094 – (Williams) – This bill requests appropriations for 2012 stipends.
SB 1498 – (Brown) – This bill creates the “Oklahoma Paycheck Protection Act”; removes the option of a payroll deduction for membership in certain organization or political contributions including the OKPEA; makes exception for some organizations and agreements. (Did not pass out of committee.)
SB 1522 – (Johnson, Rob) – This bill authorizes employer to terminate employees who are not able to return to work one year after injury; requires amount of lost wages to not exceed one year of employee’s wages at time of injury.
SB 1086 (Burrage) – This bill removes the funding for the National Board teacher bonuses and the scholarship program from being subject to the availability of funds.
SB 1879 (Ford) – States that a NBCT will receive 10 payments even after the license expires due to budget constraints. NBCT must maintain full classroom status. This bill restricts eligibility to 10 years, and restricts number of NBCT applicants each year.
SB 1122 (Halligan) - Extends moratorium for new participants to 2014 (Stipends and scholarships).

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